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I still need benchmark tests for some popular systems like CTPP, Clear Silver, Twig, Lapa, Quicky, Macro/WACT or possibly many others.

If you just send me how to implement the test with these systems - I'll test it and add the results here.

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0.9.1 version: blitz-0.9.1gz Windows versions: 0.8.5, 0.8.4, 0.8.3 thanx to Alex Sladkov for these builds. PHP 4.3.10, ZPS 4.0.2 Sigma 1.1.5 (cache on) Smarty 2.6.15 (tpl-compile on, output-cache off) Blitz 0.4.3 Fast Template 1.1.0 XTemplate 0.3.0 php_templates 1.7 c Template 0.8 (ctemplate 0.4, nothreads) These measurements were made quite long time ago (PHP 4.3.* with Zend Performance Suite, and old versions of template engines).

Browse: new releases on github or old sources (up to 0.8.17), all win32 binaries Docs/Translations (current doc is most latest! Now we need to make the same test with modern PHP 5.3.* with APC.

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) Bug Tracker User list: blitz-php at googlegroups d0t c0m Developer's contact: alexey d0t rybak at gmail d0t c0m Please see the CHANGES file for more details.

If you can help with this - please drop me an email.

The benchmark code is available to download and one can add benchmark code for any other template engine.

Results above should be interpreted in a very generalized way. What is more important, "native" here means written by hands, not "compiled".