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As a result, guests will be unable to visit the Cincinnati History Library but may still access the library’s online catalog, digital journals and other local history resources at library.

Limited service via telephone and email is available, but the library will remain closed to the public throughout the duration of the renovation project.

in 2014, to bring the space back to life as a wedding and reception center.

The .5 million, nine-month renovation project was a labor of love, Brown said, started in Aug. The biggest challenge, she said, was taking an existing historic structure and installing modern amenities and facilities.

And there it would sit, vacant, for another 30 years.

That is until Towne Properties got in touch with Doug Betz with Receptions, Inc.

Please visit the library website at library.for updates and additional information.

The above describes what a University of Cincinnati-led international research team found this summer when excavating what was initially thought to be a Bronze Age house.The firefighters raced with the women on their back.They perform all week on Fort Myers Beach and raise money for the Florida Shriners. This is the 30th year the Greater Cincinnati Firefighters have been invited back to the BIG stage of the LANI KAI for 2017 spring break.As emcee, Angelo "Scar" Scarlato drives the annual Greater Cincinnati Firefighters show on Fort Myers Beach, and his antics on stage, interactions with the crowd, and exhortations to donate are what keeps the Lani Kai show humming like a well-oiled, well, fire engine.Mikaela Chorey on spring break from Michigan rides on the back of former Cincinnati Firefighter, Brand Burns who lives in Vegas now.