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Fisher counseled her friend on the importance of taking ownership of one’s decisions: “After I’ve made as many bad choices as I have, I have to assume the choices are mine.I’m not victim, and neither are you.” Watch below; the scene with Fisher begins around the mark.I'm so excited to have Rabbi Shmuley Boteach with us today.You might remember him from "Shalom in the Home" where he visited families with broken relationships, attempting to help them find some peace in life and with each other. There are many Jewish singles events out of the Synagogues as well that should help.We got to talk during that competition to get our minds off the pain.I specifically remember asking about his siblings, which I would never have imagined would be my future brothers and sister-in-laws!

At what age should they accept a child's decision and do you even believe this is a good idea? Shmuley Boteaach: I believe a child has to be raised in one religious tradition. Do you recommend trying to fix a troubled marriage when there are problems right away, or cut my losses and move on and be alone to figure out my part in how I got into this mess? Can you give us a glimpse of some of the "8 Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Passion for Life?

Carrie fisher – great wit – great friend / one of the brightest lights has gone out .

Eager has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people.

For 15 years, he edited a paper called Teen Talk, which was sent quarterly to over 100,000 young people.

In Love, Dating, and Marriage, he writes: "You may be attracted to someone at first sight.