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In many cases, people in relationships experience periods of enduring happiness, and also find themselves going through times that leave them feeling like their personal or relationship health could be improved.

But to where does one turn when in need of a personal or relational boost?

The anime series was licensed in North America by The Right Stuf International and the Sekihiko Inui's manga is licensed by Tokyopop.

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Digimon success led them to platforms such as GBA, Nintendo DS and 3DS, PS3, etc. Enjoy the adventures of these cute creatures and their owners and get away with the evil of the digital world!

Comic Party has spawned both a manga (illustrated by Sekihiko Inui) and an anime series since its inception, as well as a Dreamcast version of the original PC game which added a new character (Subaru) and removed the pornographic elements (reverse-ported to Windows, that version is called "Comic Party DCE").

Many artbooks, figures, and fan-made homages have been produced for it.

This is a convention where various artists gather together to share both parody, homage, and original work.

Since the series was inspired by Comiket, it comes as no surprise that the "Comic Party" convention also takes place in the same building as Comiket, the Tokyo Big Sight convention center near Ariake, Tokyo.