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When I first got a phone, texts cost 10p a go, and every character mattered.

If it slipped over into two texts then you’d painstakingly go back through and abbreviate. Texting has become Whatsapping and writing tb has just become a single kiss, or more, depending on who it is.


Three kisses is still acceptable, but just put three lower case kisses, not a mixture of both, unless you’re a fifteen year old setting a new MSN name in 2007.Williams told Hacker News he spent nearly an hour with "Farah," trying to explain the problem. In an effort to see whether Amazon chat support is really that bad, Business Insider engaged an Amazon worker in a chat this morning under the pretext of seeking a job at Amazon. can you please just let me know if this is a problem you can help resolve? For your protection, do not respond to it, and do not open any attachments or click any links it contains okay? At no point did "Farah" show any understanding of what Williams wanted: She variously suggested deleting his email account, resetting his password, and offering to delete his account for him. It turns out that some Amazon chat support workers are based in India, and they are responding to customers by cutting and pasting pre-written scripts. my actual account is ctwilli [email protected] other account was created using ct.willi [email protected] it is some sort of phishing attempt but I don't want this account associate with my email.hello? Im just here.before we proceed let me check your account for security purposes okay? my real account is ctwilli [email protected] ct.willi [email protected] i had to password reset in order to get this account. Il reset your password.check the link on can have your new password okay? This used to be for the inebriated texts of our youth. We no longer send messages expressing our unrequited love at 2am with thirteen kisses on the end.This is now for taking the piss, or a way of agreeing and thanking somebody. cook them dinner, and you get XXXXXX as a reply you should be happy.