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The glaze used on Blue Mountain Pottery is distinct, with a traditional green hue and a drip glaze that gives each piece a unique coating.

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The first studio was located inside a converted barn at the base of the Blue Mountain, and it was there a vintage washing machine was used to mix the clay, which was cured for 12 hours before application of the glaze. It produced various types of pottery, from animal figurines to jugs, pots and vases.Blue Mountain Pottery items feature a unique, trademarked glazing process known as "reflowing decorating".To achieve their trademark streaky effect, each piece of pottery was dipped into two different kinds of liquid glazes, which would cover tiny pores in the clay.It is important to be able to identify Blue Mountain Pottery from other look-a-likes.Blue Mountain Pottery was a Canadian pottery company located in Collingwood, Ontario.

Dating blue mountain pottery marks