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An entire world devoted to the stuff of fantasy is something that grabbed ahold of us when we were kids and has never let us go.

Now that we’re grown, we may know in our heads that it’s really some college student playing Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, or that Space Mountain is neither in space nor a mountain.

His rhyme style ranged from drunkenly slurred to growled, crooned, and warbled to shouted, grunted, and screamed—often all within the same verse." His Clan-mate Method Man said the nickname—one of several Jones used throughout his career, including Big Baby Jesus, Osiris, and Dirt Mc Girt—had been born from the realization that "there ain't no father to his style."Around the time of the release of , ODB invited an MTV film crew to hang out with him—including a trip, via limousine, to the welfare office, where he cashed a 5 welfare check and picked up food stamps. " he asked the camera in part of a segment MTV aired on March 30, under the title "Ol' Dirty Bastard Gets Paid." The people that want to cut off the welfare, man, I think that's terrible. "People in the hood understood what Dirty was doing," Buddha Monk writes, "but to welfare's critics he'd just reinforced the stereotype of the welfare cheat that they were using as a platform to try to get rid of the system."When, in the summer of 1996, Clinton announced his intention to sign welfare reform into law after having vetoed two previous bills, he said welfare should represent "a second chance, not a way of life." And he boasted that due in part to his efforts, "there are 1.3 million fewer people on welfare today than there were when I took office."By then, ODB was one of them—his caseworker cut him off after he saw the MTV segment. He responded in a verse on Wu-Tang Clan's "Diesel" that's alternately deeply paranoid and brashly confrontational, in which he accuses the government of having killed the rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, repeats "Someone help me!

You know how hard it is for people to live without nothin'?

And I'm just going, 'Holy crap, we'd watched these girls run the night before.'"And on it went for eight days as scores of Olympians, male and female, trickled into the shooter's house -- and that's what everyone called it, Shooters' House -- at all hours, stopping by an Oakley duffel bag overflowing with condoms procured from the village's helpful medical clinic.

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Or the details of how the various Disney rides work.

We all love secrets, and Disney’s real-life secrets are almost as enticing as its fantasy world.