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He’s got 25 in total, arranged carefully on top of a wooden dresser in his Daytona Beach, Florida, bedroom. I say sure, and he starts ripping a piece of paper into small strips, placing them in a row on the dresser. Branden, 25, lives in a one-bedroom in a quiet gated complex 15 minutes from the Daytona shoreline.

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His friend Ruth, who declined to be identified by her full name, told TODAY she watched the tragedy unfold.“I swear I wanted to jump over too but I knew it was too late,” she said.Earlier this month, another dangerous social media stunt claimed a young woman’s life in New Zealand when she and friends tried to take a selfie near a dam as floodgates opened.See more » Patience is a virtue not often found in slasher flicks.Usually it's rare to go ten minutes without someone meeting an unfortunate fate at the hands of a mass murdering psychopath.