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Being that those are three of my food groups, I can’t tell you how ready I was to leave.

I mean, we can never share a slice of cheesecake or a bottle of wine?

So WTOP consulted Christine Nightingale, a principle and owner of Premier Match, an upscale matchmaking service for singles seeking long-term relationships and marriage, to find out where to meet other singles.

Nightingale developed a guide to bars and restaurants, divided by neighborhood, after taking a poll of her clients.

The site is free, and provides an alternative for those who may not want to pay for pricey drinks or stay up too late in search of a perfect dance partner. “Black tie events are a very effective way for a single person to meet new people,” Nightingale says.

Biznow “The Scene” provides a succinct list of future events in D. Send us your tweets @WTOP with your favorite places for meeting other singles.

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