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Perpetual bachelorhood reminiscent of a rakish 1950s male lead. The same attributes Big loves about Carrie — love of glamour/status, inability to settle, crazy wardrobe choices — Aidan aims to kill with kindness. My main point here is that Aidan and Big are both extremes.

He'll make her spend a summer weekend at his shack in Upper Shit Village, New York, with no Internet or air conditioning, and he won't spend three hours at a club she wants to go to on Friday night. But we all have annoying traits, and (not to get all Lifetime Original Movie on you, but) we all deserve to be loved for them, not in spite of them.

Here are the types of men you date when you don’t love yourself.

When you don’t know, from within, that you’re desirable and amazing then you need to prove that to yourself constantly. Since he is always seeing other women, he provides a form of competition—a way for you to endeavors.

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"Nice" is just not a good-enough reason to marry somebody unless you are facing certain death or moving back home with your mother.Anything you do that doesn’t elevate and support them is, in their eyes, useless.But if you don’t love yourself, then you see things you do for yourself as useless right now, so you’d be drawn to the narcissist. Aidan is the ultimate Tommy-Bahama-shirt-wearing, turquoise-jewelry-bedecked nightmare. First of all, the only reason for Aidan to exist in the first place was to give the show a foil for Big in every way. As Samantha puts it in that one episode where she can't hang up her curtains and has the flu (What am I doing with my life?He is the guy who has not left his house in a full week because "home is where the heart is." He is the touchy-feely stepdad who legit just walks into your room without asking your permission. Say what you want about Big's semi-sociopathic disregard for Carrie (in the later seasons; in the earlier ones she sort of acted wack, if you rewatch it), but here are the Big characteristics that the writers set out to reverse in Aidan. ), "There are men who hold your hand and men that fuck you." Carrie thinks in response: But we should be able to have our cake and also fuck our cake.