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Have a folding hunter my ex bought me back in late 70's early 80's.seen a lot of deer insides but still perfect and sharp as ever..have the Buck 2000 yesterday today and tomorrow and the Buck Duke 500 California condor NIB I inherited when my best friend passed several years ago....could not get pics to post... In this case, I'd be honored to get such a knife named for me.

Particularly this part: The Remington arms company was aware of the demand, and was more than ready to capitalize on the situation.either as a hunting knife or paring knife in the royalty kitchen line.thanks for posting.i would have seeing i have around 7 of them, just don'thave a photobucket account. Took some pics to compare my 110 from the 80's to this earlier one.(Another branch of the family was granted the trademark "SENEGALL"). The present-day enterprise developed out of a plant founded in 1920 by Friedrich Dorten in Solingen-Merscheid which initially produced only barbers' razors and mainly supplied Solingen exporters.Two of Cadman's sons followed him into the business. Constant growth, however, made it advisable for the firm to start exporting on its own.